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Catherine  Faceted Gemstone Silver Ring

Catherine Faceted Gemstone Silver Ring

PriceFrom £150.00

Sterling silver ring with 3mm round-profile band and a single stunning 8mm faceted gemstone,  set in cup setting.  The setting sits on top of the ring band so you can stack them or wear them with another plain ring band.     Hallmarked.

Main Group Image Top to Bottom:-

Swiss Blue Topaz  (checkerboard cut) -  Size L 1/2

Lemon Quartz (standard cut) - Size L 1/2

Garnet (checkerboard cut) - Size L 1/2, 

Peridot (standard cut) - Size L, N

Clear Quartz  (standard cut) - Size N 1/2

Amethyst (checkerboard cut) - Size L, M

Golden Citrine  (checkerboard cut) - Size N, O.

Green Fluorite (standard cut) - Size N (image soon!)


Image 2 with single blue gem

Sky Blue Topaz (Checkerboard Cut) - Size N

Image 3 with group of 3 blue topaz gems for comparison:-

left - London Blue Topaz Cabochon,  Right - Swiss Blue Topaz, Centre-lower - Sky blue topaz.


Please contact me if you require a different ring size or colourway.

  • Other options:

    If you require a different ring size, stone or metal, please get in touch.  

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