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Architect Ring

Architect Ring

PriceFrom £150.00

Sterling silver statement ring with 3 graduated gemstones on the sloped top.  Solid silver, heavy ring.  Hallmarked.

Image Left to Right

  1. Blue colourway - (blue tourmaline, apatite and aquamarine) - Size M
  2. Purple colourway - (amethyst, iolite and tanzanite) - Size N½ 
  3. Red/Orange colourway - (red spinel, madeira citrine and pale citrine) - Size M
  4. Green/yellow Colourway - (green tourmaline, peridot and lemon quartz) - Size M
  5. Pink colourway - (rhodolite garnet, dark pink tourmaline, light pink tourmaline) - Size M
  6. Plain, polished without gemstones - Size K½, M½


Please contact me if you require a different ring size or colourway.

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